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Proud Member of CSN Collision and Glass
  • Body Repairs
  • Rim and Hood Repair
  • Vehicle Interior and head lights
  • Spark Plugs and Door Handle
  • car exhaust and headlight
  • light bulb and tires

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If you’ve been in an accident or are in need of repairs for your car, please call us at 519-455-3743 or email us at

General Office Administration

Dave Finnis, Appraiser

Mark Geoffrey, Appraiser

Nichollle Saunders, Appraiser

Katherine Boersma, Accountant

Jeff Jones, Owner

Jones Auto Body East

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620 Third St. London ON, N5V 2C2
Phone: 519-455-3743
Fax: 519-455-7160

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Jones Auto Body West

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1959 Mallard Road, London, ON, N6H 5L8
Phone: 519-963-0399
Fax: 519-963-0398

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